Wake the human overhaul

I finally found the files for Wake the human again. The original purpose of this was just to be a test while I had the trial version of RPGMaker MV over a weekend but I quite liked the idea - I mean, it's cats!

So, having the full lisence of the engine, I decided to go back and remaster this into something actually playable.

Changes so far:

- Changed the title screen menu, added credits scene (nothing in there yet)

- Added fance gauges to show Kitty's hunger and Human's annoyance

- Added menu buttons on the bottom for saving, volume options, exit and help (again, nothing in there, sry)

- Turned "select item" into an interaction menu (fixing to do there, too)

- Added a few new events


- Fill credits and help scene with info

- Fix some of the events

- General writing edits - insert stupid jokes!

- Balance the hunger, annoyance etc.


WakeTheHuman.zip Play in browser
Mar 25, 2018

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